The Face Within - Sue Lester

How to Change your Unconscious Blueprint

The Face Within – Sue Lester

The Face Within Book Cover (3D Mock-up)

Sue Lester likes to be a catalyst for change, she works to change your mind set from self-sabotage to success.

I opened this book at a time in life when I was feeling particularly cynical about the human race as a species and not a little bit depressed.

I almost put the book aside when I read “Essential Pre-Reading Exercise” and the first part of the exercise is close your eyes and visualise, not me, my inner voice screamed.

I did keep reading and as I read the book I recognised people I worked with and interacted with and something about myself!

Sue does know people and how they tick, you may not like the way she makes you see them and the face they wear …  for themselves, within themselves… and you may not like what you recognise within yourself but this book makes frightening sense.

Do you want to succeed? Is the reality you have within you matching the reality you live? Are you sabotaging your efforts to live a better life, have financial freedom, lose weight, stop smoking or be part of a strong relationship?

All these goals have one thing in common, you! Sue looks at how you really see yourself, what may be stopping you from acting with strength and conviction. Why you makes you repeat the same defeating actions, again and again and again. Despite the fact that you are aware these are losing actions.

Don’t be afraid to face the face within and confront the you that needs to change and it may help you cope with some people in your life who drive you a little bit batty!

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