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Cry Havoc, Jack Hanson League of Silence

As a young teenage girl in the 1970’s I snuck into the adult section of the local library and discovered action thrillers through JT Edson’s Floating Outfit Series, on finishing those a sympathetic librarian introduced me to Doc EE Smiths Lensman Series. I became hooked on military Sci Fi but over the years have found nothing like Doc E E Smith… until now.

Cry Havoc by Jack Hanson took me straight back to that first enjoyment of discovering Sci Fi  in the first ten pages, so on a rainy Saturday afternoon in Sydney I settled down to read one of the best books I have enjoyed in years.

Who wouldn’t love a story of young military graduates, thrown together to train, each mistrustful of the other and under the guidance of a war veteran determined to pound them into a cohesive team.

Jack has four central characters two girls and two boys and at first, they will seem very stereotypical, big jock type guy, small bullied boy, pretty princess girl and plain jane, shy academic girl (he even calls her Jane!) and right there is where the stereotyping stops. These four graduate their military college by the end of the book, taking up positions in the fighting force that in the end seem natural but on reflection break all the norms.

Parents, I can assure you, the girls will love this books, my sixteen-year-old daughter did!

It is an action thriller book, with the military training, first foray into the field and first major conflict flowing at an even page turning pace through a book that builds an alien culture and world without you even noticing the knowledge you gain to understand it.

The Earth’s dinosaurs “Old Bloods” in the book are an amazing touch and add a familiar but alien feel to the story. Their personalities and characters are built with a trace of humour that offers age, patience and knowledge reminiscent of a beloved grumpy grandfather and could not feel more right, even for a T-Rex.

I could not recommend this book more highly for young teens to be introduced to the genre of Sci-Fi action thriller/military or adults looking for a good escapism read in a true Sci -Fi world, (not fantasy).

Released by Cohesion Press, Australia. This book is on sale now at Amazon or Booktopia

Cohesion Press specialises is Military and Spec Fiction, they are a small press with high quality visit their page here


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