Review - Archie by Heath McKenzie

No Ordinary Sloth



Archie by Heath McKenzie

If your child is a bit different to other kids, stands out from the norm or is just highly energetic Archie the Sloth will strike a cord.

Archie is NOT a normal sloth, Archie likes to jump and juggle, to dance, jig and swing. Archie does not feel like he fits in, at all.

Archie leaves his part of the jungle to see where he might fit in and while he finds other animals that are different and they fit in with their friends and families he still has to work out how he fits in.

He does find an answer.

The book relies on the illustrations to carry the story and is suited for older children or will need an adult to help a child work through the messages the illustrations are giving.

The illustrations are expressive and not overly detailed so that the message of each is clear and can be identified easily.

This book offers a gentle and heartfelt message in a heartwarming way without using a hammer or a cheesy message.

This book will be on sale in March 2016 at $19.95 from Five Mile Press Publishing.



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